History of Chemistry in Spain

By Stephen P. Weldon and Birutė Railienė.

As part of our effort to encourage more people to add open access content and context to the Isis Bibliography, we have been working with colleagues to collect specialist knowledge to be incorporated into the Explore database. One of us (Railienė) asked historians of chemistry from different countries to send in up to ten of the best works in the history of that discipline.

The idea arose as part of an initiative of the Lithuanian Chemical Society Division on History of Chemistry and the Commission on Bibliography and Documentation (CBD) of the IUHPS/DHST. Railienė, as past president of the CBD, proposed that the IsisCB highlight the most recent specialist literature on the history of chemistry from each country. To that end she approached the president of the Working Party on History of Chemistry, Brigitte Van Tiggelen and secretary Ignacio Suay Matallana.

The first person to respond to our request has been Ignacio Suay-Matallana, who teaches history of chemistry at Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, Alicante, Spain. Suay-Matallana contacted some other colleagues working in this area and, together, they came up with the ten works on the history of chemistry in Spain:

Current works to help scholars doing scholarship in Spanish chemistry:

Arribas Jimeno, Siro. Introduccion a la historia de la química analitica en España. Conferencia pronunciada en la VI Reunion Nacional de Química Analitica, Oviedo, Julio de 1985. Catedratico de Quimica Analitica, Univ. Oviedo, 1985. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB000065623/)

Bertomeu Sánchez, José Ramón, and Agustí Nieto-Galan, eds. Chemistry, Medicine, and Crime: Mateu J. B. Orfila (1787-1853) and His Times. Science History Publications, 2006. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB000772129/)

Bertomeu Sánchez, José Ramón, and Antonio García Belmar. La revolución química: entre la historia y la memoria. Universitat de València, 2006. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB000830679/)

Cuenca-Lorente, Mar. “El veneno de María Bonamot: juicios, peritos y crimen en la España del siglo XIX.” Universitat de València, 2015. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB876245805/)

Guillem-Llobat, Ximo, and Universidad de Alicante. De la cuina a la fàbrica: l’aliment industrial i el frau: el cas valencià en el context internacional (1850-1936). Publicacions de la Universitat d’Alacant, 2010. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB646179148/)

López Piñero, José María, ed. Diccionario histórico de la ciencia moderna en España. Ediciones Península, 1983. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB000020257/)

López-Ocón Cabrera, Leoncio. Breve historia de la ciencia española. Alianza Editorial, 2003. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB248188263/)

Munoz Bello, Maria Rosa. “Los manuales de química en España (1788–1845): Protagonistas, terminología, clasificaciones y orden pedagógico.” Universitat de Valencia (Spain), 2016. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB316736707/)

Nieto-Galan, Agustí. “Free Radicals in the European Periphery: ‘Translating’ Organic Chemistry from Zurich to Barcelona in the Early Twentieth Century.” British Journal for the History of Science 37 (2004): 167. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB000410706/)

Suay Matallana, Ignacio. “Chemical Analysis and Experts in Contemporary Spain: Antonio Casares Rodriguez (1812–1888) and Jose Gil Casares (1866–1961).” Universitat de Valencia (Spain), 2014. (http://data.isiscb.org/isis/citation/CBB001567659/)

In addition to identifying these ten sources (three of which were not yet in the IsisCB database!), Suay-Matallana also wrote short abstracts for each one of them, so there is now much more information in the bibliography for these works. We hope to collect more of these lists in the coming months, continuing our focus on chemistry in different countries, and then expanding to other disciplines as we are able.

Currently, the Explore service does not support individual lists of works, but we hope to be able to implement that sometime in the coming year. For the time being, we will simply make these lists available, as they accumulate.

We want to thank Ignacio for helping us start this new endeavor. You can find citations of the works that we currently have of his in the bibliography here.