Contributing Editor Working Files and Other Specialized Bibliographies

This page lists various contributed or shared discipline specific bibliographies. Since we use Zotero as a primary conduit for IsisCB entry, you will find links to many of the public Zotero files below. (Read more about Zotero here.)

I. Contributing Editor Working Files

Below are lists of working files used by IsisCB Contributing Editors. Contributing editors compile citations for IsisCB Explore in Zotero libraries. Their working libraries are accessible through the links below. These libraries are works in progress designed to expedite entry into the IsisCB and are not meant to be major bibliographical resources in and of themselves.

Geographic or Linguistic Zotero Libraries

Dutch Language – publication dates 2009-2019 (Douwe Schipper)

French Language (Serra Sophie and Victor Monnin)

German Language – publication dates 2014-2021 (Helga Wendt)

Italian Language (Francesco Luzzini)

Middle East and North Africa Region (Anthony Greco)

Portuguese Language (Luís Tirapicos)

Turkish Language (Zeynep Kuleli Karasahan)

Topical Zotero Libraries

Archaeoastronomy (Luís Tirapicos)

Cartography (Thomas Horst)

Language Sciences (Judy Kaplan)

Medieval Magic and Occult (Eleonora Andriani)

II. Bibliographic Collections Compiled for IsisCB

These are collections of entries compiled by scholars who are not Contributing Editors. Some are no longer being updated.

Dissertations (Jonathan Erlen) Note that this is not a single Zotero library. Erlen supplies entries in email files that are later added to the CB by staff members.

Geology (Francesco Gerali, INHIGEO)

Lithuanian Language (Birute Raliene)

People of Color (Alex Ratowt)

Technology (Bruce Seely, Society for the History of Technology) Note that Seely is the editor of the Technology and Culture bibliography and starts a new Zotero file each year.

III. Specialized Zotero Bibliographies

These are entire bibliographies that have been created by scholars. They are large and are not yet scheduled for inclusion in the IsisCB dataset. I provide them here as a supplement to the IsisCB.

Communications – Publication dates: 1916-2022, including 3026 citations. (Jefferson Pooley, History of Communication Research Bibliography) Note that this bibliography will be accessible as a separate bibliographical resource associated with the IsisCB Explore search system later in 2023.

Meteorology – Publication dates: 1983-2016, including 1786 citations. (Sorin Cheval and Brant Vogel) Note that this bibliography, because of its size, is not yet integrated into the IsisCB Explore system.

Scientific Instruments – Publication dates: 1977-2019, including 3960 citations. (Dalia Walle, Scientific Instruments Commission) Note that this bibliography, because of its size, is not yet integrated into the IsisCB Explore system.