Scholarly Articles about the Isis Bibliography

Below is a list of scholarly articles about the Isis Bibliography (see also the list of all blog posts on this site and the list of HSS Newsletter Articles):

  • Stephen P. Weldon, “Building Infrastructure in the Digital Age: Case Study of the Isis Bibliography of History of Science, 2002-2018,” Circumscribere: International Journal for the History of Science 21 (2018): 21–40.;p21-40.
  • Stephen P. Weldon, “Historians and Their Data,” pp. 299–322, in Crossing Oceans: Exchange of Products, Instruments, Procedures and Ideas in the History of Chemistry and Related Sciences, edited by Ana Maria Alfonso-Goldfarb, Walter Carnielli, Hasok Chang, Márcia H. M. Ferraz, & Silvia Waisse. São Paolo, Brazil: Coleção CLE/UNICAMP, 2015.
  • Stephen P. Weldon, “Ordering the Discipline: Classification in the History of Science,” introduction to Focus Section, Isis (September 2013): 537-539. Open Access URL:
  • Stephen P. Weldon, “Bibliography Is Social: Organizing Knowledge in the Isis Bibliography from Sarton to the Early Twenty-First Century,” part of a Focus Section, Isis (September 2013), pp. 540-550. Open Access URL:
  • Stephen P. Weldon, “History of the World History of Science Online Project,” Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum (2013). Open Access URL:
  • Stephen P. Weldon, “‘La classification des sciences n’a jamais cessé d’évoluer’:  A Century of Effort at Putting Science in Its Place,” pp. 307-328, in Ana M. Alfonso-Goldfarb et al., eds. Centenário Simão Mathias: Documentos, Métodos e Identidade da História da Ciência (São Paulo: PUC-SP; Imprensa Oficial, 2009). Link to Table of Contents of volume:
  • Stephen P. Weldon, “The Isis Bibliography from Its Origins to the Present Day: One Hundred Years of Evolution of a Classification System” Circumscribere 6 (2009): 26-46. Open Access URL: