• Grants to attend THATCampHSS 2015!

    The IsisCB is providing grants to help anyone needing financial assistance to attend this year’s THATCampHSS in San Francisco. With the grant, THATCampers will only have to pay $50 (for a shared room) or $100 (for a single room) for the Wednesday night stay. This is a great price to stay at the Westin St….

  • A New Paradigm

    A New Paradigm

    Since my post at the end of July, a great deal has happened. Developments are taking place along two parallel lines that will eventually be integrated. First of all, the Isis Cumulative Bibliography volumes that we photographed last year (5000 pages of text in eight volumes, covering the years from 1913 to 1975) are now…

  • THATCampHSS 2015

    The History of Science Society is paying close attention to innovation in the Digital Humanities. This year, for a second year in a row, HSS is sponsoring a THATCamp in conjunction with the annual meeting. The camp will be held on Thursday, November 19, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in the conference hotel. The…

  • IsisCB Platform Development

    IsisCB Platform Development Our digital platform is currently being developed by the consulting team, A Place Called Up, run by Erick Peirson and Julia Damerow. The web interface is being written in Django with a PostgreSQL backend. All citations and authority records will have stable URIs and will be accessible via the primary interface as…

  • The IsisCB as a Network Graph of the Discipline

    The IsisCB as a Network Graph of the Discipline

    The new interdependent relational database that we have built (which I described in the previous post) begins with a very different concept of what the information universe looks like. Instead of treating bibliographical citations as units of information, it treats them as objects that are made up of many different kinds of things. Citations are…

  • Taking the IsisCB into a Dynamic Interdependent World

    Much has been happening in last few months since we had our bootcamp in February. We’ve made enormous progress toward a new data infrastructure that will carry the IsisCB well into the next decade, and hopefully beyond. Since the bootcamp, I have created a new FileMaker database that will accommodate many more kinds of resources…

  • The February Development Bootcamp

    The February Development Bootcamp

    As you know, if you have been reading this blog over the past year, I am in the middle of a two-year Sloan grant to create a new way of accessing the Isis bibliographic data for researchers around the world. This post is the first of several that will update readers on its development. Two…

  • New Isis Bibliography 2014 Now Available

    New Isis Bibliography 2014 Now Available

    Last fall was a busy one at the IsisCB office. In addition to completing the 2014 Current Bibliography, we were working with our colleagues at the E-Scholarship Research Centre at the University of Melbourne on the IsisCB Platform, and we sponsored the first ever THATCamp at the HSS meeting in Chicago in November. As is…

  • Please try our new discovery service: IsisCB.org/Explore!

    The past several months have been busy at the IsisCB office. In addition to continuing our work on the 2015 Current Bibliography, we have created a research platform using 40 years of IsisCB data. (See my earlier comments on this here and here especially). The new platform, which we have called IsisCB Explore, enables users…

  • Mapping the International Congresses

    Mapping the International Congresses

    Documentation of the history of the international history of science community begins with locating all of its congresses since the first one, which took place in Paris in 1929.

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