Transactions of the IsisCB: Memorials

Issue 1.6

This issue appears on a day traditionally set aside in the U.S. to honor lives lost in military service. For those unfamiliar with the holiday, which originated in this country’s Civil War, the National Archives provides a brief account and some primary sources here. This year, barbecues will take place around the nation as conflicts are being fought around the world.

The holiday intersects with the history of science in several different ways. It might surprise you, for instance, to know that there are 70 citations that mention cemeteries in Explore—many of them have to do with historical archaeology. And I found 32 entries on fireworks, most of which are related to the history of chemistry. Citations on science and war, as might be expected, are also very well represented. That said, we felt that memory itself would be a topic of interest to everyone involved with the history of science—regardless of geographic, period, or subject specialization. With this in mind, I am highlighting titles on memory, memorials, and commemoration here.

As you can see from the graphic, there was a spike in works about memory in 2022. A quick survey of the titles published that year shows authors grappling with the pandemic, politics, and “post-truth” society. Despite strong overlaps, this literature differs somewhat from entries on “Memorials; commemoration.” The latter, perhaps unsurprisingly, tracks major anniversaries in a pattern that has been both more consistent and more didactic over time.

—Judy Kaplan, Editor

Featured Books

The titles below reflect interest in pandemics, civil rights, and contested truths. Through collective authorship, oral history, and ethnographic methodology, they all balance multiple perspectives on the case studies under investigation.

Featured Articles

There are signal emphases on chemistry and biography in the journal literature tagged with “memorials” and “commemoration.” Why have historians of chemistry been more invested in the production of commemorative literature than historians of other disciplines?


Monographs and Edited Volumes

Allais, Lucia. Designs of Destruction: The Making of Monuments in the Twentieth Century. University of Chicago Press, 2018. ISBN:9780226286556.

Bauer, Susanne and Tanja Penter. Tracing the Atom: Nuclear Legacies in Russia and Central Asia. Routledge, 2022. ISBN:9781000578010.

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Beiner, Guy. Pandemic Re-awakenings: The Forgotten and Unforgotten ‘Spanish’ Flu of 1918-1919. Oxford University Press, 2021. ISBN:9780192843739.

Bernasconi, Oriana (ed.). Resistance to political violence in Latin America: Documenting atrocity. Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. ISBN:9783030170455.

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Dailey, Alice. How to Do Things with Dead People: History, Technology, and Temporality from Shakespeare to Warhol. Cornell University Press, 2022. ISBN:9781501763656.

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Gerovitch, Slava. Soviet Space Mythologies: Public Images, Private Memories, and the Making of a Cultural Identity. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015. ISBN:9780822963639.

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Helgason, Þorsteinn. The corsairs’ longest voyage: the Turkish raid in Iceland 1627. Brill, 2018. ISBN:9789004284876.

Hofer, Theresia. Medicine and Memory in Tibet: Amchi Physicians in an Age of Reform. University of Washington Press, 2018. ISBN:9780295742984.

Kasperski, Tatiana. Les politiques de la radioactivité: Tchernobyl et la mémoire nationale en Biélorussie contemporaine. Pétra, 2020. ISBN:9782847432657.

Kilroy-Marac, Katie. An Impossible Inheritance: Postcolonial Psychiatry and the Work of Memory in a West African Clinic. University of California Press, 2019. ISBN:9780520300187.

Knoeller, Christian. Reimagining Environmental History: Ecological Memory in the Wake of Landscape Change. University of Nevada Press, 2017. ISBN:9781943859528.

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Laney, Monique. German Rocketeers in the Heart of Dixie: Making Sense of the Nazi Past During the Civil Rights Era. Yale University Library, 2015. ISBN:9780300198034.

MacEachern, Alan. The Miramichi fire : a history. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2020. ISBN:9780228001485.

Mertens, Manuel. Magic and Memory in Giordano Bruno. Brill, 2018. ISBN:9789004358928.

Neale, Margo and Lynne Kelly. First Knowledges Songlines: The Power and Promise. Thames & Hudson, 2020. ISBN:9781760761189.

Prusiner, Stanley B. Madness and Memory: The Discovery of Prions–A New Biological Principle of Disease. Yale University Press, 2014. ISBN:9780300191141.

Readman, Paul. Storied Ground: Landscape and the Shaping of English National Identity. Cambridge University Press, 2018. ISBN:9781108424738.

Rojas, Felipe. The Pasts of Roman Anatolia: Interpreters, Traces, Horizons. Cambridge University Press, 2020. ISBN:9781108484886.

Schwab, Gabriele. Radioactive Ghosts. University of Minnesota Press, 2020. ISBN:9781452961446.

Sevcenko, Liz. Public History for a Post-Truth Era: Fighting Denial through Memory Movements. Taylor & Francis, 2022. ISBN:9781000607734.

Silver, Sean. The Mind Is a Collection: Case Studies in Eighteenth-Century Thought. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015. ISBN:9780812291568.

Swenson, Edward (ed.) and Andrew Roddick (ed.). Constructions of Time and History in the Pre-Columbian Andes. University Press of Colorado, 2018. ISBN:9781607326410.

Wagoner, Brady. The Constructive Mind: Bartlett’s Psychology in Reconstruction. Cambridge University Press, 2017. ISBN:9781107008885.

Walker, Brett L. A Family History of Illness: Memory as Medicine. University of Washington Press, 2018. ISBN:9780295743035.

Journal Articles

al-Qattan, Najwa. “When Mothers Ate Their Children: Wartime Memory and the Language of Food in Syria and Lebanon.” International Journal of Middle East Studies 46, no. 4, no. 4 (2014): 719-736.

Ammann, Felipe Gaitán. “Trading Tones: Exploring the Soundscape of Human Trafficking in Spanish Colonial Panama.” Historical Archaeology 56, no. 2 (2022): 199-216.

Borbach, Christoph. “Speichern als Übertragen – Übertragen als Speichern. Zur technischen Frühgeschichte akustischer Delay Lines und ihre Verschränkung zweier Medienfunktionen. (Save as Transfer – Transfer as Save. On the technical early history of acoustic delay lines and their entanglement of two media functions.).” Technikgeschichte: Beiträge zur Geschichte der Technik und Industrie 86, no. 2 (2019): 101-130.

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