LaTeX Printing module


To produce an annual PDF and/or printed version of the Isis Bibliography. This project transforms the IsisCB database export into Chicago Humanities Style bibliographic entries sorted by classification and indexed by subjects and authors. This module can also be used to create a print-based output of any subset of the bibliographic data.


  • This functionality was developed initially in 2002, using the data formatted according to the Filemaker Pro database export. It was later developed to accommodate the new format of the online IsisCB Explore service in 2015.
  • The project uses several components.

The Team

  • Sylwester Ratowt wrote the original citation formatting code in Perl.
  • Julia Damarow transferred the formatting scripts into Python and created the Overleaf production process.
  • Stephen Weldon modified the printing scripts to resolve outstanding formatting issues and enable a more streamlined side-by-side printing of LaTeX-formatted bibliographical essays and other front matter.