The Bibliography: Celebrating 100 Years

The Isis Bibliography is celebrating its 100th birthday this year at the History of Science Society’s Annual Meeting in Boston. I have planned two public activities: one academic, the other social.


Starting off the conference, the very first session (T1) is a set of papers on “The Isis Bibliography and the Profession: Past, Present, and Future.” We have a unique lineup of presenters spanning the generations. The writers range from a recent bachelor’s degree recipient to the editor emeritus of the Bibliography.

Past interim editor Joy Harvey (Independent Scholar) begins with an introduction that explores George Sarton’s papers to learn more about his work on the bibliography. John Neu (Isis Bibliography, Editor Emeritus) will talk about his term as editor from 1966 to 2000. Robert K. Olson (University of King’s College, Halifax) explores how he used the Bibliography as a primary resource in his undergraduate thesis to tell the history of our discipline. Amy Rodgers and I (both University of Oklahoma) will look more deeply at our April survey results. And Alain Towaide (Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions and Smithsonian Institution) will get us thinking about the future of history of science bibliography.

There will also be a reception celebrating the centennial of the Isis Bibliography and honoring Neu’s long editorship of the journal. I hope that friends of the Bibliography and friends of John Neu will show up after the distinguished lecture on Friday evening and enjoy hors d’oeuvres, a drink, and some good conversation.

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