Isis Articles as a Big Data Source

I’ve already called attention to the work that Scott Weingart (Indiana University) has done with co-citation analysis in history of science in my earlier post on the 2013 Digital HPS Conference. If you go to his blog, the scottbot irregular, you’ll find a post from this week where he talks about how to do visualizations with co-citation analysis using the data from Web of Science and some pretty sophisticated tools that he and others have developed.

What I was so excited to see was that the sample data set that he is using to teach people is the co-citation data from all of the 1,189 articles published to date in Isis! I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I can play with this data yet, but as we enter into the last quarter of the centennial year of the journal, perhaps someone ought to think about how we might turn that interesting batch of big data into a suitable 100-year birthday present for Isis readers.

–Stephen P. Weldon (Norman, Oklahoma)

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