Bibliographical Essays

Those of you who do not get the annual Isis Current Bibliography may not have seen the bibliographical essays that I am now publishing. This past year, in the 2019 Current Bibliography, I published the second of these essays, a piece by the historian of archaeoastronomy Luís Tirapicos. The first of these pieces was published the year before in the 2018 Isis Current Bibliography, and it was about Italian language scholarship in the discipline, written by Francesco Luzzini.

These essays are all open access and can be found at the Isis journal website at the University of Chicago Press. You can find links to both of those essays here on Bibliographical Essays page. The goal of these essays is to give researchers a better understanding of the literature in a specific subfield in our discipline. I hope to be able to have one or more of these essays in each future issue of the Isis Bibliography.