Neu-Whitrow Prize 2017 Announced by the Commission on Bibliography and Documentation

This past summer, the Commission on Bibliography and Documentation announced that it will award a second Neu-Whitrow Prize in 2017 for a scholar who produces “the most innovative research tool for managing, documenting and analyzing sources in the history of science and technology.” Originally called the Neu-Whitrow Bibliography Prize, the award was created in honor of the bibliographers John Neu and Magda Whitrow who were instrumental in the development of the Isis Bibliography.

The Commission decided to change the name of the prize slightly and eliminate the word “bibliography” so as to encourage people doing work that was not just bibliographical to enter. The idea is to encourage development of research tools that include bibliographies and archival finding aids, but not limited to them. Other similar types of indexed discovery aids are encouraged.

The prize includes a $500 USD award to the winner, and it is sponsored by the International Union’s Division of History of Science and Technology (IUHPST/DHST).

The Commission’s new and beautifully designed website (developed by John Stewart at the University of Oklahoma) provides information about the Commission and its activities, including information about the Neu-Whitrow Prize.