IsisCB Explore gets a major upgrade!

IsisCB Explore has a new updated interface with a sleeker design and a suite of new functions … and we have finally removed the beta from our logo!

With the new IsisCB Explore, you have a powerful research tool at your fingertips, one that opens up the field of history of science, technology, and medicine in unparalleled ways. All the while, we’ve tried to keep the user experience simple and intuitive. 

The data remains the same: fifty years of bibliographical citations turned into a relational database and an ever expanding dataset with daily updates. What’s new are the page layouts that highlight the depth of the information you can find here. This is not your grandmother’s search engine. 

To start with, every page you land on has related citations. Whether you are looking at a book, a concept, or an author, if you want a quick peek at related literature, just look to the right. You’ll no doubt find at least one or two items for your bookshelf or your files.  

Likewise, the system’s state-of-the-art indexes are just a click away. Are you looking for authors who’ve dones similar work? Perhaps you need to find a journal to publish your article. You can discover historical figures and institutions relevant to any topic or work. In any case, click on the blue Indexes tab and get started. 

Also, we take you to outside resources. If you don’t find what you want in our data, we can send your search query to some of the sites we find helpful. This means you can use IsisCB Explore as a jumping off point for all kinds of research. We have a Google search link that confines your queiry to academic websites. We can take you to archival finding aids. And we point you to other dedicated HSTM sites like our friends at the Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine. We even point you to postings on H-Net and chatter on Twitter.

Finally, we have an experimental playground. If you want to just explore the history of science through our data, go to the playground where we have created some exceptional tools. You can look at network graphs to see how people and topics are linked together, you can compare different disciplines of science, and you can explore how terminology in the CB has changed over time.

All in all, we think you’ll find the new IsisCB to be a great tool for everything history of science.

Please join us! … IsisCB Explore

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