About the Special Issue on Pandemics

This specialized publication will be built around short bibliographical essays written by specialists in relevant fields. Each essay will be linked to a specialized bibliography on key works in the field. The main editors for this project are Stephen Weldon and Neeraja Sankaran. We are always looking for collaborators, so if you have an interest in contributing in any way, please contact us at: isisbibliography @ gmail . com.

We have an advisory board that is helping us develop this project. The members are as follows: Babak Ashrafi (Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine); Monica H. Green (Independent Scholar, Phoenix, Arizona); Marta Hanson (Johns Hopkins University); Susan E. Lederer (University of Wisconsin); Gordon McOuat (University of King’s College); Projit Mukharji (University of Pennsylvania); and Suman Seth (Cornell University).

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Plan for the volume

In order to produce a guide to resources that might be used to help instructors and students, we are trying to isolate keywords that have already been used in the IsisCB to tag texts that have covered different aspects of pandemics across the century. Many of these keywords will be the basis for a bibliographical discussion.

Among the keywords we have identified so far are the following:

  • Synonyms and parallel terms: Pandemic, Influenza, Epidemic, Plague, Infectious disease, Vaccine
  • Keywords related to scientific study: Virology, Microbiology, Microbe
  • Specific diseases: Plague, Influenza, SARS, COVID-19, AIDS
  • Social aspects of pandemics: Quarantine, Surveillance, Social distancing
  • Institutional responses: Public health

Publication and open peer review

One of the important elements of this volume is timeliness. We think it is important to have contributions accessible as soon as they have been completed, with peer review following the initial web-based publication. In this respect, we will be using an open peer review system, similar to the Wellcome Open Research publications (see their description here). This means that articles will be visible and citable even before peer review has been finished. All versions of the articles will be accessible.

Our goal is to have a constructive and open review process that will help the main authors develop a strong bibliographical essay that other researchers can use to better understand the literature on this topic. Primarily, we are expecting to see public comment on each article that will help the authors strengthen it for publication. 

After the articles are completed and accepted, we will collect them along with their related bibliographies in a single publication, which will be available online as a PDF. We anticipate that the final volume would not be ready until 2021.

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